Why does the verification process takes too long?



I applied for a developer api access account last November 2018 to use for research purposes especially on sentiments analysis. But up until now, the application is still under review. I already replied in the email for the reasons of usage of the API access and it was in December 2018. How long shall I wait? Because I need to present the result of my study this March and I cannot start it without an API access account. Please help me.


Hi @marcolocco - we seem to have sent you an email on 10/30/2018 asking for more information that you haven’t yet responded to. Please respond to this email for your application to be processed.


Hi Ms Aurelia. Thank you for responding. I already sent an email to you (Feb 6, 2019). Hope you received it. Thank you


Hi @marcolocco - I don’t think we did receive the information you sent us. Please could you respond to the email we sent you on 10/30/2018 (make sure you directly reply to that email). If you no longer have that email, let us know and we can re-send it.


Good morning Ms. Aurelia. Thank you for responding to my email. I am sorry If I have not respond on your email last October 30, 2018.

I applied for Twiiter API access for research purposes and academic purposes. I am a student in Doctor of Business Management specialized in Information Systems and enrolled in the course Data Mining. I am assigned to a topic Sentiments Analysis to based with my research proposal.

In my research, I will be needing tweets about public transportation infrastructure and services. I will collect it and analyze it in order to categorize the tweets and identify polarity classification.

I will also use Twitter API access for future research purposes in sentiments analysis and other text mining algorithms.

I hope that I my application will be approved.

Thank you.



Mark Van Buladaco


Hi @marcolocco - you need to respond to that email directly (not here). I will tell the team to re-send the email. Please respond to it if you would like your application to be processed. Thanks


Thank you for helping Ms Aurelia. I already responded with email I just received from Developer Accounts email.


Hi @marcolocco - please respond to this email again (it looks like we never received your first response). Make sure to be detailed in your response and to answer all questions. Thanks.


Hi Ms Aurelia. I responded again with the email I hope this time it is ok and they already received it because I am really worried with my research presentation. Thank you for helping me…


We sent you an email to celticXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXlf@yahoo.com two days ago. Did you get the email and reply using the same email we sent you the message on?


Hello Team,

Our organization has also applied for a developer account this week and replied to the email that was send 2 days ago. I would like to know if the email has been received. It is showing pending here and If there is anything I need to do.

Mika Suzuki


I can confirm we’ve received your email and have somebody working on it, Mika. We’ll make sure to keep you informed of any updates via email.


Hi Hamza. Yes I did received it and replied many times because according to Ms Aurelia it was not received by you. Please help me. I can send a screenshot of my sent email to you if needed.


Here is the screenshot of my 5th response in the email your team sent to me.


I’ve communicated your issue to my team, Mark. Someone will reach out to you shortly.


Hello again,

Is there anyway to accelerate the process. We have replied to the email and are waiting anxiously for the response.

We also send a follow up reply on the email requesting for more details.

The delay is affecting our business.

Would really appreciate a speedy review.



I apologize for the inconvenience you’re experiencing, Mika. I’ll pass this information along to our team.


Looking forward.

Thank you and apologies for the trouble.