Why does the twitter timeline widget disappear on second go?



We have just started adding social plugins to our website and there seems to be an issue with the twitter timeline. We have created a temporary “test” page (http://www.palmarium-magazine.com/w8-thekeystothecity-copy.html), which allowed us to notice the following issue.

When one clicks on the twitter button (bottom right) the twitter timeline appears properly, however close the pop-up and open it once more and the timeline is gone. If one clicks on the facebook icon, the respective plugin appears in the pop-up, close it and open the twitter pop-up the timeline does not appear. That it is for Chrome, on Safari the timeline never appears and there is only a link to the @PalmariumMag tweets.

Why and how can we solve this problem?

Any help would be greatly appreciated, thank you in advance!

NB: The website was created with Adobe Muse


I am experiencing exactly the same problem on http://www.netwerkkaart.net. It appears to be connected to using a modal (or popup) screen. See for instance the page http://www.netwerkkaart.net/profile/2/8/HLKorbee which does not use a modal and shows the timeline correctly on each occasion. I tried various kinds of modals, but the result is always the same. I am now using Nyromodal.
It must be something in the twitter timeline javascript itself.

Help would be much appreciated!


Have you tried calling twttr.widgets.load() after made the part of the DOM including the widget visible?
More details here: https://dev.twitter.com/docs/intents/events#init


Thanks, @vincentisambart!
You put me on the right track. Implementation of that call proved not to be enough though. My modal either frooze or didn’t show at all. After some more Googling for this call, I found this little piece of code that did the trick:

if (typeof twttr !== ‘undefined’) {

But all credits go to you!


Hi All,
I have the issue that my twitter widget disappears from the my website offen and again it appears automatically by itself. is there any issue from twitter regarding this …can any one help on this please