Why does the search endpoint only show a max of 15 results when sorting by popular tweets?



When using the search endpoint, I am only getting a max of 15 results, no matter how popular of a search query I use. Setting count to 100 does not make a difference, however it does when sorting by most recent. Does anybody else experience this? Is it a possible bug or on purpose?

Here’s an example call:



… Anyone?

Is there any reason why sorting by popular would limit it to 15 tweets? I’d like to try and do something interesting with popular tweets mentioning certain hashtags. It appears you cannot even get the next 15 tweets either so you’re limited to only 15 popular tweets and that’s it.


Also noticing this, not sure if it’s a bug or by design (but undocumented).

API calls to search/tweets works fine with count=100 and result_type = “mixed” or “recent”.
Setting result_type to “popular” seems to ignore the count, and only returns 15 results per API call.

Please confirm if this is by design, or if it’s a bug, will it be resolved?