Why does the Card Validator outputs: « exceeded 15.seconds to image-proxy while… »


Hello. I’m trying to implements twitter cards on my website.

When I give this url ( http://volcanis.me/2013/07/13/hybrid-mr3020-mesh/ ), the twitter card validator outputs « exceeded 15.seconds to image-proxy while waiting for a response for the request, including retries (if applicable) ».

How to fix that ?

Edit: i found that a while ago, forgot about it: https://dev.twitter.com/docs/cards/getting-started#crawling


I have the same problem and can not find any solution in site.

Someone knows the solution?

My server is 000webhost.


Same issue… I thought that was the size of my images, but still not works !


haloo some body can help me? i always get error “exceeded 15.seconds to pink-floyd while waiting for a response for the request, including retries (if applicable)” i already try 4 days and always get this error? this my link website “http://kartuhalo.telkomsel.com/unTIED/dwp2013


Same here - I’ve tried several test cards and triple checked my images (which are loading fine outside of twitter!) but I’m still being shown either the ‘exceeded 15.seconds’ message or a message about an ‘internal error’…


I’ll add to the pile and say “same here”. Cannot figure out what the problem is. My image is accessible.


See https://dev.twitter.com/docs/cards/getting-started#crawling


A couple things:

1.) your twitter:image tag is empty
2.) the backup og:image tag returns a 404


Please fix these and try the validator again.


Thanks for posting it, Reventl0v!


sama jim gw juga errornya kaya gitu :))