Why does Streaming API mostly return tweets with RT?


Hi, I am new to Twitter API, and noticed that most of the tweets I received through Streaming API are retweets, such as:

"RT @MattMurph24: Trump doesn’t have “supporters”, he has cultists.
"RT @KeithOlbermann: This is excellent, but the continuing surprise is perplexing. Trump is mentally ill, and it’s getting worse: https://t.…
"RT @Lavishkvng_: Then 9 months later Quavo, Takeoff and Offset were born https://t.co/zxtBm4p0Ck
"RT @Makada: Michelle Obama is upset because Trump got rid of her horrible school lunch program which was just basically giving prison foo…

Any idea of why is it like this and how to control this if possible?


There’s no way to exclude retweets - it will depend on the volume and specificity of the terms you are filtering on.


I was trying with 400 keywords and in 24 hours received 7 millions tweets, among them around 5 millions are duplicates and >95% are retweets. Is that normal? Really appreciate for explanation!


try to use
if ‘RT@’ in tweet.text: