Why does no one to help us ? Please help us on Twitter!


I am twitter account @R4bia @rifatozkancomtr

I’ve done a factory reset to my android phone. I forgot about the backup code. And my backup code is gone too. Because of this, I can’t sign in my twitter account on web. The android app does not give me another backup code and says this:The login verificatiıon for this account is activated with another device. Please reactivate it first…But as I did a factory reset, I don’t have access to old datas and I couldn’t do that.Could you please disable Android app login verification? I know my password and my e-mail.Best of regards.

Problem image caps ;




why soryy ?


Deactivated the login verification for me,please! My twitter account is @ganxuming Details:


Sorry we can’t help with login verification here. Please reach out to @support with your issues through https://support.twitter.com


I sent mail to support 100 …
do not you help us?


Twitter are not helping at all with this problem that is stemming from the login verification feature!


is there anyway i can recover my account. i lost my backup code… ticket#12835759 raised to Twitter Support… there is no response in support site. can i know if this ticket is being addressed?


yep… i m fed up… @support @twitter help pls.




Please there is alot of accounts have the sameproblem shuld be some thing to deactivate it with S.M.S.


Can you please disable my backup code for @sosick46 I suddenly can’t go on it anymore and I never got a temporary password and I lost my backup code, please help I really want my account back


Please disable the backup code for @hannahdevecht I lost my backup code and never got a temporary password either. I really need to access my account and @support @twitter is not being helpful. I’ve sent in three requests


Please disable the back up code for @the_dealership I lost my backup code and never got a temporary password. @support or @twitter hasn’t helped me


I need help getting into @elisa_michelle_ im locked out and cant get in on any device or computer. i need my whole account deleted ASAP i cant get through to any one helpful on twitter.com/support @support please PLEASE help me


Is there really no hope for this problem, @sylvan_george needs to backup code to be removed for me to sign back in my account. @support help us plse


Please disable the back up code for @emareess_b I no longer have the iPhone that the verification is being sent to (but it shouldn’t be sending ANY verification because I never requested it). I never got a backup code, and I haven’t gotten ANY help from ANYBODY with Twitter Support. You kinda suck!