Why does my hashtag search only get result for one hashtag?


I’m using the REST API to get tweets with different hashtags. At the moment I will not get any results for one of them, even though there are results when doing the same search on Twitter. What might be the problem?

The hashtags I’m using are #vasamuseum and #vasamuseet. The #vasamuseum never returns any results.

I use the exact same code to get the tweets and if I change the code so it only gets the tweets with the #vasamuseum tag I still don’t get any results.

With the #vasamuseet I will get tweets no matter where in the JSON-array for hashtags the tag is located.

Thanks in advance!


I just ran a search on the website, and it looks like there are no Tweets containing #vasamuseum more recent than Dec 2. The Search API only returns search results within the past week, so that’s why you are seeing no results on that hashtag.



That’s probably why :slight_smile: I got the dates mixed up in my head and thought I should be able to get the results in the time frame.