Why does it only says Tweets by my Username but its no widget on my site?


heres my code

Tweets by @OnlyChiefa


Same problem here. I can’t even get the Preview to show. Get a message that it is saved and to wait a few minutes, but no preview. On the site page all I get (like many others here) is a “tweets by @VintageEAA” link. Made the correction for the incorrect code generated, but that doesn’t help. Sad.


How long would it take for you guys to fix my code?


Same problem


I maintain many websites - and ALL of my Twitter feeds / widgets are down and stopped working. Each is embedded in a different way. I’ve been reading up that Twitters API has changed or something?? I am a designer, not a programmer. Does someone have a simple answer?? Thank you :slight_smile: – it says Twitter Feed “loading twitter…” and nothing. I haven’t changed anything, this started a month or so ago…


Same problem here. Do any Twitter developers or Twitter Support ever read these questions? This problem has been reported by many people over the last 6 months and no fix.