Why does app require read access?




Can anyone provide insight as to why Twitter app requires access to:

  • Read tweets from your timeline
  • See who you follow

We are using TwitterKit3 in our mobile application and have no interest in doing the above but Twitter appears to require it. Perhaps I am mistaken? This will scare away users who don’t want our mobile application to have this information. We only want the user to be able to login to use a tweet composer inside of the app.

Any insight is appreciated, thank you


All applications that use the Twitter API need to authenticate to the platform. There are three levels of access (described here). Read-only - which is what you’re describing - is the minimal level of access.

You’re free to make it clear to users that your application will not look at their Tweets or their follows, but unfortunately that level of access is the minimum you can be granted to use the API.