Why do spammy apps have "Special Treatment" when it comes to "Rate limit exceeded code 88"?


I’m building a non-spammy Twitter app aimed at serious Twitter users and I’ve encountered the dreaded
"Rate limit exceeded code 88"

Here’s what’s happening. The script looks at 10 screen names per page and makes these 3 requests:

The first one has a rate limit of 180 per app, meaning that if 18 people are using my app simultaneously, they will never get past the first page. What happens if 1000 users want to use my app at the same time?

The second and third one have a rate limit of 15 per user, which means on the second page they’ll see just 5 results. The remaining results will be blank.

So my question is, if you look at the big type of “Check your unfollowers” apps, you can log in anytime and check tens or hundreds of unfollowers. They are obviously using
so, how come they don’t hit the 15 per user rate limit?

Is there a route to request this “special treatment” by proving that my app is useful and can’t be used for spammy pursuits? What is the right way to ask for this review?

I hope you can help.


bump… please help!