Why do some images get an inline preview while others don't?


I’ve been trying to get all of my images to have inline previews lately, so that people don’t have to click to see them. Some of the iages I post get the preview and others get the sad old “View Photo” button underneath them.

Here are two examples I just tweeted. The first one got a preview, but the second one didn’t:

How can I make sure I always get a preview?



Both appeared now. Sometimes there’s a delay in “picking up” the Card.

Sorry for the inconvenience!


Are you sure? I still don’t see the second one being previewed in the timeline.




How can I get my photos to be in-line on Twitter? Currently they are all shown as an attachment. I use Hootsuite to publish on 5 social media sites. Thanks. Dinshaw


i still have this problem any fix for that ?
i cant get my photos to be in-line on twitter hashtag search even its a top tweet.