Why do some #hashtag search results not show in my widget when they DO show in a hashtag search on twitter?



i’ve had a widget running on my freeforum for quite a while without any real problems, however one of our members tweets are not showing when he uses our hashtag of #n00bclan

His results DO show on twitter itself in a hashtag search, just not in the widget on the site.

His tweets are not private so i’m confused on this

for reference the twitter widget runs on


any help would be greaty appreciated


Search results are not necessarily consistent between search interfaces. You may see different results on the site versus the API versus these widgets. The differences will ebb and flow over time, but there’s really no one true search.


thanks for your reply =) is there anything i can do to ensure i get all the hashtag comments? or is it just something we have to live with?


Did you ever get a response to your follow-up question? I’m in the same boat. I’ve unchecked the “safe mode” checkbox in the widget creator on Twitter and the preview shows all of the tweets, but when I copy the HTML code and insert it to BlackBoard (the interface we use at school), only my tweets show up and not those of my students… Help?!


I am having the same issue. One (sometimes more) of my followers has tweets that show up sometimes when using the hashtag. The tweets show up on Twitter, but not on the embedded hash timeline. I have unchecked “safemode”, and entered the domain three ways - with “www”, without “www” and with “*”. Frustrating.
Website: http://threehillscruise.ca
hashtag: #3hc13


this is exactely the same with me while making a hastagsearch widget: unchecking safe mode makes everything visible, otherwhise I get:Hmm an empty timeline.
(user: @Rederijkersverb , and the hastag #twitterpoeet )


The safe mode function will NOT disable on embedded widgets. No matter how hard you try, the safe mode will stay ON with your embedded widgets, and many tweets will be excluded from your search.

Twitter, FIX THIS!


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I am not going to create a new thread about a bug which is still not solved(double thread). However, i am also experiencing the same problem. Checked and double checked everything.