Why do I see "Authorize MyApplication to use your account?" every time when i tweet something from my website?


Hello, All.

I am trying to build a functionality that gives a possibility to send tweets from my website to Twitter.
I have implemented OAuth and its working perfectly.
My application configuration seams to be OK.
But when user is logged in to Twitter and tries to send a tweet from my website he sees a message “Authorize MyApplication to use your account?” every time.
Is it possible to skip this page at all or at least prevent it to be shown every time?
Any help will be appreciated.

Thanks in aadvance, Rodion.


Are you using @Anywhere or server-side OAuth? If it’s server-side OAuth and this pops up every time, then it’s likely something in your own code that’s causing it – or some lack of persistence on your side of the user’s access token. If it’s @Anywhere, than this is expected behavior as the relationship established between a site and a user is short-lived within that framework.


I have a server-side OAuth as a part of TweetSharp library.


Yay love love love Life!!!


Thanks for this - will apply to our corporate site http://www.mckayflooring.co.uk