Why did you close the topic: 'Clipboard Paste in Desktop Twitter'?


Continuing the discussion from Clipboard Paste in Desktop Twitter:

  1. why did you close the topic?
  2. why isn’t there an area for these issues? (they’re just as valid as the Twitter platform (? isn’t the Twitter web using the Twitter platform? - or do you mean the Twitter App?) and the APIs … right?)
  3. who will address this bug?

  1. These forums are for developer issues. If we have folks requesting product support (i.e. Twitter web and mobile app questions) here, then a) the threads will go unanswered as we do not have the ability to deal with them here, and b) the focus of the forums will wander, while we would like to keep them centred on technical topics.

  2. I do not have an answer on this specific question, but product support is provided at support.twitter.com.

  3. If someone on the team is able to reproduce (and it is a bug rather than an intended change), then I’m sure they will try to resolve the issues. However, we cannot deal with these questions here.

I realise that these may not be the responses you’d like to receive on this topic, but that’s the reason that I made that decision.