Why data-via doesn't appear in suggestions or recommended?


I have a Problem with my website, an in other sites the same code it’s working ok.
I’m read :
Only two accounts are displayed and by default the via user is shown first with the first related account shown afterwards. If the user is a follower of the via user the Share Box will instead show the first two related accounts the user isn’t a follower of. No accounts are displayed if the user follows all of the suggested accounts (via and related).

but if i only put data-via=‘myapp’ this one doesn’t appear in suggested or in recommended… I’m pretty sure that I’m not following myapp in twitter so there isn’t the problem.

this is my code.

<a href="https://twitter.com/share"  data-show-count="true" class="twitter-share-button" data-lang="es" data-count="vertical" data-url="http://www.myweb.com" data-text="Text" data-via="myApp" data-dnt="true" >Tweet</a>

Could you help me?



If I understand correctly, you would like to add your account to the recommendation screen once users have tweeted.

Just to clarify, data-via is the username of the user to attribute the Tweet to. This will be added in the Tweet box itself when composing the Tweet. To add accounts to the recommendation screen (when you’re not following them already) you need to use data-related.

Please take a look at the Tweet Button documentation and let us know if you have any further questions.