Why change twitter?


Look a lot of developers for Myspace, twitter, facebook, youtube, google think that all these constant changes help people. It throws us off. We like how twitter used to be, the new way as you guys think is simplifying things, just makes it harder for people to adjust to. New software developers think simplifying things will make it easier for people to use the software, when in reality it turns people away from it. When Myspace changed over to beta, n made all the weird changes; people stopped using myspace. Now facebook is doing the same thing. Pretty soon you’ll have a certain amount using the software and the rest is trying a diff software. So please stop making so many changes. Pass this on the myspace, facebook, youtube, microsoft, google, everywhere. Not everybody has the windows 7, a lot still use windows xp because we cant afford to just go out and buy the brand new software. If you understand where Im comin from then please listen to me. Millions of people are thinking this exact thing. Stop with the constant changes, stop and let people enjoy the way things were before all the bs changes. Thank you…Andrew M. Byers (Byerz aka D.Slim(Detroit’s New Slim))