Why can't I find my tweets on Twitter search?


I am posting Tweets via my blog http://nicewesty.com. When I add a new Westfalia Volkswagon van I post a tweet via the Twitter API (using the Twitter Ruby gem).

Its working awesome and they look great. However, I cannot find the tweets at all when I search for them. The only way I can see them is if I look at my own account (@nicewesty). So how are people going to find these awesome vans if they cannot find them?

I’m searching via hash tag ‘#westfalia’ and ‘#vanagon’ - also searching for just the keyword ‘westfalia’. However, I never see my own tweets - except one that I did as a test.

Any help appreciated.


Why I can log in into my account


Ok - the Twitter gods have acted! I didn’t get any responses here but my issue has gone away. My tweets have magically appeared. Thanks Twitter!