Why can't I customize a timeline widget?



I’m trying to place a twitter timeline on my website but it seems that Twitter has removed any possibility of customizing the outlook of the widget. I can’t change the background colors, text colors, hide images, limit the number of tweets, etc.

It doesn’t publish a widget ID as well anymore. Whatever loads, loads in an iFrame so my CSS won’t do anything there as well.

Am I missing something?


You should be able to customize some these things via publish.twitter.com. Widget IDs are no longer used by our widget system (except for search timelines). You can modify additional features such as number of Tweets etc by using data parameters on the widget. Twitter widgets no longer support having their images hidden.


Ahh…thanks Andy, the data parameters were what I was looking for. It’s not everything I hoped for but it’ll get the job done. There should’ve been an easily accessible link to this page though, maybe in the customize section.


That’s a fair comment! I’ll suggest it to the web team.


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