Why are pictures are present on Card Validator, but when I post on Twitter many are not diplayed


I’ve asked this several times but have never received an answer.
I have many posts that, when posted do not show my picture. They do show how ever when I check it with Card Validator. The only msg I get on Validator is " politicstrickortreat.com is whitelisted for summary card" I have no idea what that means or how to fix it.
An example of the post in question is “http://www.politicstrickortreat.com/american-jihadist-born-bred

How does it happen that Validator thinks the post is ok and it’s not…

Pls Help… Gary


I think I’ve responded to all of your previous threads. You need to provide example URLs and example Tweet IDs. We do not see any issues with your links. Note that a quoted Tweet will take precedence over a link with a card inside a Tweet. Please provide evidence that you are having a specific issue rather than posting the same question repeatedly where we cannot help you.


I posted this in facebook today. The picture you see, did not display in facebook… I have sent several links to post I’ve had this problem with. I don’t know how much or what type evidence you need guys…

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Please provide example Tweet links / Tweet IDs that do not show the content that you are expecting, along with example URLs from your site.


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