Why are our URLs NOT going to t.co?


See: http://blogs.gartner.com/adam-sarner/2014/07/18/customer-experience/

Why don’t our URLs get the ‘t.co’ treatment (neither in tweet or on timeline after tweet).



I’m not sure I understand the question or how the link relates. Could you elaborate?


When do long URLs get shortened?

I’m a bit confused over the 140 character limit b/c I’m tweeting up to 186 characters. Our original long URL appears in the tweet. When viewing on a timeline, the URL is chopped but linkable.


URLs get wrapped in t.co when you tweet them, and a t.co link today counts for 22 characters (http) or 23 characters (https), no matter how long your original URL is.

When an app (incuding twitter.com and the official Twitter apps) displays tweets, they are shown using a display_url which relates to the original URL posted, but the hyperlink is to t.co. You can read in detail on how all this fits together on dev.twitter.com.

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