Why are my title and description being truncated?


twitter cards from my sites display truncated title and text , example: http://www.ecodibergamo.it/stories/Cronaca/telelaser-serve-una-doppia-indicazioneannullata-una-multa-da-822-euro_1141879_11/

Title and description are truncated to 2 characters


I just Tweeted your link, and although that is happening in the validator for some reason, it looks like the Cards render just fine with the Tweets themselves (no truncated text).


hi, it’s still happening on my tweets and on the the tweets of my pages: https://twitter.com/webecodibergamo/

Am i doing something wrong?

Thanks for your help


I’m not seeing any issues in the Tweets for the user you’ve just posted a link to - the Tweet text itself is truncated, presumably because your text is too long for the Tweet body. I don’t see any issue in the summary cards themselves. Can you show me a specific Tweet which displays this problem? I couldn’t find the one you’ve screenshotted.


tweets are correct in the app

but wrong on a pc browser

you can see the tweets on this page: https://twitter.com/webecodibergamo/


Which browser / platform - that Tweet with Card is showing up fine for me in Chrome on OS X.


You are right, i tested the tweets on many devices and browser and they are showing up fine.

I have the problem only on Firefox on Ubuntu.


I have the same problem on Firefox / Ubuntu. Can you confirm that Firefox on other platforms does work well? Also: why does this happen in this one specific instance?


It seems that this bug is still there
Ubuntu 16.04 / Firefox 50

Here is the associated bug on Firefox issue tracker, which tend to point the finger at font metrics on Twitter client.

Any chance to see this issue addressed?

thanks in advance and have a great day!