Why are my old favorites (beyond most recent 40) inaccessible?



Dear All

The web client says my account has 5298 likes. However, the likes page will only show the most recent 34 tweets, going back to September 2016. Calling the API endpoint GET favorites/list&count=200 returns 40 tweets, going back to April 2016 (the tweets on the web page, plus six more) — but surely if I have 5298 favorites that call should return around 200?

This has happened since I wrote and ran a script to delete all but my most recent 100 favorites. I wrote the script in erlang and basically it did the following:

GET favorites/list&count=200
ignore most recent 100 tweets
if no more tweets in list: stop
else, for each tweet:
    POST favorites/destroy
    wait 65 seconds

This ran for a few days and deleted 1500 or so favorites (when I started the script the account had around 6800 favorites).

My questions are:

  • why are my favorites beyond the most recent 40 completely inaccessible to me?
  • how can I regain access?

With thanks and best wishes