Why are my OAuth settings not taking effect?


After upgrading my application’s permissions, new users do not see the upgraded permissions before authentication and they are not applied afterwards.


I am aware of this FAQ: https://dev.twitter.com/docs/faq#6466

My situation is pre-auth. The settings for the app just don’t seem to be updating.

The OAuth settings UI seems to be very buggy in other areas too. Uploading photos always throws an error, even when it has worked. Saving of data often doesn’t update form fields on the redirected page, although refreshing shows that updates did take.

Aside: Even using this discussion forum, previewing my post just now emptied out the values of the Subject and category fields.


Are you using oauth/authenticate or oauth/authorize when sending users to authorize? oauth/authenticate doesn’t support yielding RW+DM permissions, so make sure you’re using oauth/authorize which does. On the oauth/request_token step, make sure you aren’t using the x_auth_access_type parameter.

Thanks for letting us know about the issues you’ve run into with app admin interface.


Changed to authorize and this works. Thanks.
I thought I understood the difference as being browser vs desktop, so now I’m confused.

Thanks for the pointer.