Why am I uable to create a widget? It keep saying unable the widget I creatd


“Unable to save your widget, please check your inputs.” That’s the message everytime I try to get a widget code but I know I’m following the directions as instructed and still nothing but the same message.


I am having exactly the same problem, but it also stretches to ANY wordpress widget, non of them will save the username, it feels like it is coming from Twitter though


And yet no response from someone from Twitter, completely unacceptable.


I was having the same problem. I fixed it by removing “localhost” from the “Domains” input … localhost and seem to work by default … kinda. There is no need to add them to the allowed domains. Maybe that is the problem? However, on locahost all I get is an anchor tag but when i upload to my domain the whole widget appears!! :S


Yet again no response from Twitter. Somebody needs to do something about this because this is real annoying.


Answer us Twitter, you owe us an explanation!


I can’t even see the preview, it has nothing to do with what I’m typing in… It was working, then I changed the name of the website i was using and it didn’t work. No brainer, I went back to twitter and changed the domain to the new site. But then twitter broke and i can’t see a preview because of that configuration thing. So I deleted that widget and made another, but the same thing happens even before I go to type something into the domain box. I’m not sure what happened… I’m going to take it off my site for now

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