Why am I getting a HTTP 404 while using version 1.1 when requesting user time line?


I am working on a research project and am attempting to access users public timeline. Whenever I try I get “Twitter API returned a 404 (Not Found), Sorry, that page does not exist”. I’m using the twython library which uses version 1.1. Here is the code that I’m using

    lookup = twitter.lookup_user()
    s_name = lookup['screen_name']
    time_line = twitter.get_user_timeline(screen_name = s_name, user_id = u_id, include_rts = 1)

I tried just using the id and that wouldn’t work. It gave me a 401. When I switched to just using the screen name I got the 404. Using a combination of both results in a 404 as well. I have regenerate all the keys and tokens and that still didn’t work. What am I doing wrong?