Why am I getting a 403 Forbidden response when calling for ads?


It is likely that your device was part of a manufacturing error where all of the devices of that model have the same Android ID. As ad networks use this ID to track conversions, it’s a vital part for advertising, and networks aren’t able to track performance on devices with this issue.

As a response, we don’t send up requests from devices that have this Android ID. This is a known issue on our end and we are working on resolving it in the near future.

If you test on another device, you should be able to see ads just fine. Additionally, a simulator will work as well.

Here is an example ad request that gets this response:


If you see a parameter in the udid field that is different from sha:41e29575c7361b2924f701502ca6d932b45b9e51, then please contact support@mopub.com and we will work with you to resolve this issue.