Who to follow API


Hi - anybody know whether the “who to follow” suggestions are available in the API?

I tried users/suggestions (with and without slugs) but they just return completely generic suggestions which are different from what I see in the “who to follow” section on twitter.com.

Supposedly the “who to follow” suggestions are tailored for the logged in user, whereas what I’m getting back from users/suggestions are generic.


That’s not currently available in the API, no.


Back in 2010 you said https://groups.google.com/forum/#!msg/twitter-development-talk/el-c7PXGXHY/Qv6ed2tGRoMJ here that the API for Who to follow is coming very soon:

"An API for this feature is coming very soon… And “you’re going to love it!”


Also in your page https://blog.twitter.com/2010/discovering-who-to-follow you have said that:

“All these features will be available for developers, too. We will be launching an API so third parties can provide these suggestion features in your favorite desktop, mobile, and web applications, too.”

What happened? Your very soon feels quite long.


Well, the simple answer here is that the feature was never launched, and as far as I know at this time there is no plan to re-prioritise that.