Who I followed who did not follow me?


To make fair since the twitter is limiting also for ratio between following and follower then it is beet to add a button " Who I followed who did not follow me back"

Many twitter user used to follow somebody to be followed back then later they will unfollow because of their EGO that they would be proud that many follower than they followed.

We should make this fair…

We could see who are we followed but we could not see if they followed us back or not


There are third party apps that can do this.



As @mobinga says ‘‘There are third party apps that can do this.’’ HOWEVER, some ‘‘third party apps’’ can track your data, location or tweet for you. Click wisely.


I think not need any app to do this it’s very easy than you think, just check those who you’re following and unfollow them, then check the list of your followers and follow them all, you can do this by groups for exemple unfollow 100 and then follow 100 of your followers, by the end you will find that you are following just thoses who follow you back.


I’m following a lot of people who do not follow back and i wanna unfollow them. How do I go about it?


Thank for your service


I’ve reviewed every person that I follow the account, and I look up and he follows me. But it takes a very long time

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