Who has authority to overwrite twitter instructions?


I think this complaint should be taken seriously. First a question: Who has the authority to override twitter instructions? I have blocked a list on my page but this user https://twitter.com/Sannri (@Sannri) still has my twitter account and tweets on his list: https://twitter.com/Sannri/environment. I cannot remove his list from my twitter site at all, I have even blocked the user as spam, nothing works!!!

I think my account is hacked I suspect it might be connected to one of @EarthActivists programs. He has all kinds of automated bots linked to twitter subscribers, doing automated tweets and retweets on their behalf. If my list was not somehow caused by https://twitter.com/EarthActivists or @EarthActivists (who I have also blocked), then someone else has the ability to override your twitter program and this person is preventing me from blocking both him and his list even though my profile indicates that the list is blocked my tweets are still going to this listed page: https://twitter.com/Sannri/environment


Another thing I have noticed about this list https://twitter.com/Sannri/environment : tweets that I address either to them (@Sannri) or to @twitter @support, those tweets do not show on that thread. However all other tweets do show. I cannot delete this list, not even blocking it disconnects this scammer.

I have tried my best to prevent hackers from getting into my profile: by revoking Apps straight after using them, by changing my password regularly, and by not allowing lists. Nothing works it seems. Please will you ensure this user is blocked from my profile all together.



Another one I have blocked https://twitter.com/tafkajk to remove their list but it has not removed the list. Why is this? In the past the person was blocked and list removed immediately. Without understanding why I have to ask again, does some application have the ability to override twitter instructions? Please block this user @tafkajk and his list “Animals & Nature” from my page. Thank you.