Whitelisting of several URLS


Hi, i am having some trouble implementing Cards.

We are trying to implement 14 Different Cards from Different URLS, but a message appear in the validator:
INFO: Page fetched successfully
INFO: 2 metatags were found
WARN: Not whitelisted

These are all the adress:
one of the adress, so you can test: http://www.reebonz.com.sg/the-perfect-bag-sg/index.html

If i put the same index.html with metatags on dropbox it works perfectly, both when we share and in the Card Validator:

So i know is not the file or the metatags.

I will appreciate any help!!!
Federico Roberts


Visiting this link in a browser does indeed load a page which seems to contain twitter:card metatags.


$ curl -A Twitterbot http://www.reebonz.com.sg/the-perfect-bag-sg/index.html
<html><head><meta charset="utf-8"></head><body><script>window.rbzns = {fiftyeightkb: 43200000, days_in_week : 1};</script><script src="//d1a702rd0dylue.cloudfront.net/js/sugarman/v7/flat.js"></script><script>rbzns.challdomain="www.reebonz.com.sg"; rbzns.ctrbg="2NHsXd3FH7/bA596p2bqg0JHWVCytd6KWyI0LnXN8ISgfCbzfj+l8nPIMYzgQ80Vq2qFc2Exg9oWsSDG2kS34MjQ0lDLE5bTPckGcpyhYuIjPalS/61GuHg97EtLt+kKEq9uLqBhCA+EiVhwePW+5w==";rbzns.rbzreqid="5235ab9f3134333731323336393785c015db5b662406"; winsocks(true);</script></body></html>

I don’t know what redirect magic you are using here but your raw HTML with header and meta tags needs to be accessible for Twitterbot to crawl, and it doesn’t support Javascript. This is why your Cards are not working.


Thanks for you help, we will review this.