Whitelisting cards on all subdomains without having cards on root domain


We’ve just integrated Twitter cards into our eCommerce platform but are having a small problem with the way wildcard subdomains are whitelisted. The way our platform works is that each of our customers gets their own subdomain (e.g. robsrocks.lucktunu.com). In order to validate our product card, we must link to a specific product for a specific customer (e.g. robsrocks.lucktunu.com/products/100). The problem is that as a result, our cards are only approved for that specific customer (i.e. *.robsrocks.lucktunu.com), instead of a wildcard for our root domain (i.e. *.lucktunu.com). Is there a way for us to request approval for a whitelist of our root domain? Because of our website architecture it’s unfeasible for us to host a card on lucktunu.com without going well out of our way.



We’re in the exact same boat. We’re not an eCommerce platform, but we have similar customer-subdomains.

Please let me (us) know what steps we have to take to get site-wide card approval, without having to apply for each subdomain seperately.



I ended up just creating a fake static card on our root domain, giving us a whitelist for wildcard subdomains. Should be able to delete it as soon as you’re approved.