Whitelisting a TLD on site with multiple sections linked to different Twitter ids


We’re developing Twitter Card integration for the TripAdvisor for Business section of tripadvisor.com which has its own Twitter handle (@TripAdvisor4Biz). This section of the site doesn’t have a subdomain, but is located within a specific subdirectory of the site.


So on the Card Validator page, it is asking us to validate .tripadvisor.com for @TripAdvisor4Biz.

Before we request validation, we want to have a better technical understand how the whitelisting interacts with Twitter handles.

We need guarantees that Twitter Cards generated from posts in non-B2B sections of the site will not be inadvertently linked to @TripAdvisor4Biz. My understanding is that the handle used in Twitter Card generation comes directly from the metatags (twitter:site, and twitter:site:id).

<meta name="twitter:site" content="@TripAdvisor4Biz" />
<meta name="twitter:site:id" content="213253364" />

So if other sections of the site implement Twitter Card functionality using the primary @TripAdvisor Twitter handle and matching twitter:site:id instead of @TripAdvisor4Biz, the Card will be linked to that account, correct? Will these other sections of the site still be whitelisted and will Cards be generated if they list @TripAdvisor for the twitter:site metatag value?

Will all posts from tripadvisor.com be linked to @TripAdvisor4Biz if we use that handle to whitelist the domain? Does the domain need to be re-whitelisted using multiple Twitter handles? And finally, to sum things up (in case we’re not asking the right questions) what effects will it have if other sections of the site not related to the B2B section decide to implement Twitter Card integration with the @TripAdvisor handle, if we have already whitelisted the domain with the @TripAdvisor4Biz handle?