Whitelisting a callback url



Hi all,

Ever since the callback url changes on the 12th June, my application, https://favourites.io has stopped working.

The error that I get when I go to log in is:

Error Code 415. Callback url not approved for this client application. Approved Callback urls can be adjusted in your application settings.

I have gone through the process of whitelisting the callback url, by enabling callback locking and double and triple checking that the callback url is correct.

And before a Twitter staffer replies with: “callback urls can’t be localhost etc etc” I have also checked that.

Now can I get this resolved?



What URL(s) have you whitelisted?

Are you certain there are no trailing spaces in the apps.twitter.com form?

What code libraries is your site using? What callback URLs is it assuming?


Hi Andy,

Thanks for replying.

It turns out I was missing “www” from the callback url.

I was using: “https://favourites.io/Twitter/CompleteAsync” instead of “https://www.favourites.io/Twitter/CompleteAsync

Happy to close this issue.