Whitelisted Twitter App iOS/Android not receiving mail



Hello all,

Yesterday we received a confirmation on whitelisting our app for email permissions. Though we receive an error when asking the user, with error code 37 “Not authorized to use this endpoint.”.


  1. Start the app
  2. Login with Twitter
  3. Login into the new View shown by TwitterKit, it says “This application may see your email address” (or something similair)
  4. A new window pops up with Twitter asking for permission on email permissions, like stated here https://dev.twitter.com/twitter-kit/ios/request-email
  5. On accept we receive the error.

In apps.twitter.com we have a terms of service, privacy policy and enabled the permission in settings. We refreshed our tokens and logged out of Twitter, reinstall app etc. But nothing seems to work…

This issue repeats itself on Android and iOS and we hope you could help us any further? Perhaps something went wrong or we are doing something wrong on our side.

Thanks and kind regards,


Have you get email id …I am also facing same problem for iOS

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