Whitelisted for summary_card, trying to use summary_large_image cards



I’ve checked the meta data and it’s for the summary_large_image card, but when I test the URL in the card validator, the domain is whitelisted for summary card. It also shows up as a summary card when the URL is tweeted. Is there a way to change this?


I just looked at that page in a browser, and it definitely contains markup for a summary card, not summary large image. Are you sure you applied the changes in your CMS? Plenty more advice on troubleshooting in the FAQ post.


Yes, I’ve applied the changes in my CMS and double-checked. Is it possible that this is happening because the URL for gemrick.com used to be summary cards by default? I used summary_large_image cards for my URL gemrickcurtom.com before switching back to gemrick.com a few months ago.


But yes, I do see what you’re saying. It does still say “summary” for card type when I view the page with the web inspector, even after I’ve applied to changes to have a summary_large_image card into my CMS.


Unfortunately I’m not sure why that would be, but if the page is serving up a summary card type, then that’s what the validator will see. Do you have a CDN or any caching in front of your server? Could it be that the tags are being cached from an earlier version of your site?


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