Whitelisted Features



I have requested white listing in the past to unlock features I am currently developing. So far I have not been successful in finding out who can unlock these features for me so I will ask again. I need VALIDATED_AGE_TARGETING (we were able to obtain AGE_TARGETING but it is my understanding that has been deprecated). I also need access to the TON API bucket ta_partner to allow us to create Tailored Audiences. These are needed features for our platform and it seems very easy to enable them from the Twitter side as I have seen many posts that have asked for these features and been granted that access. For the VALIDATED_AGE_TARGETING use account 9x05if. For the TON API our application id is 12542565. Please get back to me soon as these features are due at the end of the March and I am pretty frustrated with how difficult it is to access to them.


Hey @dwt265

Please reach out to your respective Account Manager or Partner Manager on more details on how to gain access to these features.



As far as i understand we don’t have an account manager or partner manager. Is it a requirement to have an account or partner manager for these features because that doesn’t seem to be documented anywhere?


When you applied for access to the Ads APIs you would have received some emails / communication confirming this. Please revisit those communications to find the right channels. Thanks.