Whitelisted card now erroring: invalid card type


Our cards were previously whitelisted and working until recently (think it stopped at the end of Dec 2013).
We have made no updates to the Twitter Card meta tags since we were whitelisted.

I have tried validating the cards and get an error: invalid card type

I have tested multiple card types and even used the default and no matter what the validation gives the error invalid card type. Did something change or are we no longer whitelisted?

Here is a page where I’m testing and trying to validate the card: http://stocktwits.com/00Matt/message/18794443
The code on the page looks like:

<meta content='summary_large_image' name='twitter:card'>
<meta content='@stocktwits' name='twitter:site'>
<meta content='00Matt shared a chart on StockTwits' name='twitter:title'>
<meta content='Tap into the pulse of the markets and connect with real investors and traders on StockTwits.' name='twitter:description'>
<meta content='http://charts.stocktwits.net/production/large_18794443.png?1389210289' name='twitter:image:src'>
<meta content='StockTwits' name='twitter:domain'>
<meta content='StockTwits' name='twitter:app:name:iphone'>
<meta content='StockTwits' name='twitter:app:name:googleplay'>
<meta content='id389157776' name='twitter:app:id:iphone'>
<meta content='org.stocktwits.android.activity' name='twitter:app:id:googleplay'>

Appreciate some help here.


I just checked, I noticed that your twitter:domain is incorrect, but it should not prevent your card from rendering… Your whitelisting entry is ok too, so this should not happen. We will investigate and report back here.


Thanks, let me know if we need anything from us.


@froginthevalley any update on this?


@froginthevalley I got it figured out. Was an issue with a 3rd party network provider. This can be closed. Thanks for the help.


For reference, the IPs to whitelist for the crawler can be found here: https://dev.twitter.com/docs/cards/troubleshooting