Whitelist Request Failed - ERROR: __ and _ are not valid screenName?



I’m trying to validate a twitter card for a client’s website, and I’ve done so successfully dozens of times. This is the first time I’ve encountered the new interface, and every time I try to submit the request, it gives me a failure notice saying:

ERROR: __ and __ are not valid screenName. The blanks refer to the client’s username. I’d rather not post it publicly - if there’s an admin I can PM I’ll gladly provide the username to have it whitelisted.

Is this a bug with the new interface, or am I doing something wrong? Do I need to be authenticated with the username I’m trying to associate the website’s card with?

The card type I selected is summary with a large image.



Same problem here. I hope you can fix it soon.

Thank you!


I figured it out. You have to use the same username than you used as twitter:owner and twitter:site


Got same problem.
Tried your solution. Still can’t solve.
Can I ask u if u are using an external plugin?


i’ve got the same issues. i’m implementing twitter cards for a client and when i submit the urls the preview looks perfect, but i get a notification that the site is not whitelisted. when i request approval, i receive an error message that the whitelist request has failed because X and X are not valid screenNames.

however, i’m using my client’s twitter handle, which matches the tags in the twitter cards.

i’m stuck, since there is no – or i haven’t found – additional documentation on what the screenName ought to be if it isn’t my client’s twitter handle, or what is invalid about it (i have spelled it right.).


thank you.


For me, what is working now is using the Twitter username in the same way it appears in the card preview. For example, it appears like MyUsername instead of myusername. In any case, the validation fails sometimes.


I have a similar issue, it says ‘whitelist request failed’; but doesn’t say why.



I experienced the same issue but was able to resolve it. Just make sure you follow the right capitalization of your Twitter handle based on your profile, make sure there’s no extra space after or before your Twitter handle (unless it’s really included in your handle) and lastly, fill in all data necessary when whitelisting your profile.