Whitelist request denied for not loading on Android - but video loads on Android


Our player card for http://www.rover.com/scrapsbook/baileys-stay-in-ashleys-home-jun-2012/ uses a SWF twitter:player and a MP4 twitter:player:stream. The SWF player loads fine in desktop client, the MP4s (https://d1wijsjaq2h6op.cloudfront.net/baileys-stay-in-ashleys-home-jun-2012_198.mp4) load correctly on both iOS and Android in our testing.

When submitting the whitelist request we were denied with “Your card loads on desktop and iOS, but not on Android.” - however, the video loads on Chrome in Android in our testing. It doesn’t autoplay, but it shouldn’t since it’s longer than 10s. Hitting the ‘play’ button correctly starts the video.

Any insight into why this was denied when it seems to work for us?