Whitelist request approved, but not whitelisted?


Hi there - I am stuck. Is my domain whitelisted right now?

The card validator says:
"*.karlkratz.de whitelist request was approved 8 months ago"

The log says:
INFO: Page fetched successfully
INFO: 14 metatags were found
INFO: twitter:card = summary tag found
WARN: Not whitelisted


Hi there.
This topic has been discussed billion of times, but… I was trying to understand IF using Google Tag Manager can help in injecting twitter meta tags for card validator.
I read this thread: I have a problem with Twitter Cards: Warn not whitelisted -> I cannot understand if GTM is injecting correctly meta tags and they are correctly read by the validator.
Can you please help me?
Url: http://www.hotelorsogrigio.eu/


I see no twitter:card tags in your HTML markup, either when loaded with a browser with Javascript enabled, or via curl which will not execute Javascript (which is the same behaviour as the cards crawler). In my experience the GTM stuff requires Javascript, which will not work with the crawler. You may be able to find different advice elsewhere.


Hi andypiper,
thanks for your reply.

Which browser did you use?
Because when I visit that website I see 6 meta tags correctly written within the code of the page.

What’s wrong then?
How can I test with it curl?


I’ve tried both Chrome and Safari and neither of them show this markup in the source. I tried to use Firefox, but it redirects to a search engine due to an issue with the character encoding of the page.

There’s details of things to test in the pinned troubleshooting post. You should always check that the tags show up if the page is loaded via curl with the Twitterbot user-agent (e.g. curl -A Twitterbot <your site>)

If GTM relies on Javascript to inject the tags into the page, this will not work with Twitter cards.


You probably have some ghostery-ish app that blocks GTM to work since I see those markups with ANY browser. Anyway, the point is that, apart from the facebook opengraph, twitter cards can render only html page code without any js injection, like GTM does. Not a good news though… :frowning: