Whitelist rejected for un-reproducible issue


This morning I sent a whitelist request for Imgur’s new gifv feature (uses a player card). We received notice that it was rejected because it shows the site, however we cannot get the issue to reproduce in the validator. ElliotSamuelson was the twitter employee who reviewed our request, according to the email.

In the source for these pages (http://imgur.com/zvATqgs and https: //i.imgur.com/zvATqgs.gifv), we’re passing https://i.imgur.com/zvATqgs.gifv#t as our player and https://i.imgur.com/zvATqgs.mp4 as our player stream. Both of these links show only the video in your validator, and the stream source links both show only video when visited directly (mp4 link will redirect to gifv if visited through a regular browser).

I’m not sure if our new whitelist request has gone through since the validator still shows the “request approval” button for *.imgur.com, unlike the first time in which a “pending approval” message was displayed.

imgur.com/a/2U4Xz is a screenshot of what we see when passing both above links into the validator (appears to work properly).