Whitelist rejected after 1st attempt within a minute and now cannot try again


I failed card validation and got whitelist rejected within minutes because the YOAST plugin in Wordpress fields in the header were not correct. (it showed the title of the blog and not the URL)

So, I elected to NOT use the Yoast plugin and put the properly formatted meta fields in my Wordpress blog (via the editor of header.php): http://www.TooOldForVCs.com

I clicked the link the email sent to me from Twitter, to try another card. Everything looks great in preview.

But now Twitter says I am whitelist rejected, and won’t even consider my re-application, even though my first reject was clearly due to a coding error.

Can you help me with re-applying and getting off the reject list?
Cheryl, Bellig LLC


Did you try to shorten your URL and try that instead? This is in the documentation for refreshing a tweet so it might see it as a new page to approve.


Hi, are you still having this issue? I think this is the second report so I’ll certainly ask the Cards team to take a look.


Well, that’s interesting. When I used CastineDesign’s idea (entering a bitly short link), that accepted the card. It now says whitelist request approved. (When using my regular link today, it gave an unable to render result - the site is loading fine and there is no disallow on the twitterbot). The whole thing has been very problemmatic, but I hope this bitly success has gotten things going.
Very strange!


That’s a way to troubleshoot the Cards actually - the crawler visits the URL directly so if you use a shortener you can fool it into ignoring the cache. Glad that worked.