Whitelist issue



We are trying to get several apps approved and use then on our local BI tool, to be able to build dashboards and improve weekly reports, could you whitelist the following app? If this works, i will ask for all of my clients as well.

appID 12458494



You can apply for access via this page on our developer site.


Hi Andy,

I already did, one week ago.



Hi @FoodNetworkBR,

I can’t seem to find that application number associated to a company that applied via https://dev.twitter.com/form/ads-api-access-developer.

Can you let me know what company name you applied under?



It sould be:

  1. food network (comercial name)
  2. scripps (formal name of the company)
  3. LOV (agency)

If not possible to find it, i can do it again.



Hi @FoodNetworkBR,

I did find some accounts under lov.com.br emails, but they either have a different App ID than you mentioned, or have invalid ones.

Can you reapply, and let me know the exact name of the company you will be applying under?




I just did right now: Scripps Intermediação e Participações Ltda.



Thanks @FoodNetworkBR! You should now be set.


Now it is perfect and working!

Once the BI project is for the whole agency and our clients, i do have several apps do whitelist. Is it ok for me to re-apply and share here the ids for you to whitelist then?



Hi all,

See bellow some other apps that we will be using for the same BI solution:

  1. Company Name

    App ID

  2. Company Name

    App ID



The correct approach is to use the application form on the developer website. Also, you may wish to consider having a single app which supports multiple logins from different users, rather than multiple apps that you have to apply for whitelisting for each time, if this fits your use case. We cannot help with or process application whitelisting requests via the forums. Thanks.



It is not possible to work with only one app, on our system.

Related to whitelisting process, i did already fill out the form, one week ago or more. But it never gets approved, this is why i started this thread and it solved for FOODNETWORK.

Could you please help me out with these others? otherwise i will be waiting for a long period for the regular procedure (and i dont even know if it will happen).

thanks a lot!


Hi @FoodNetworkBR, I want to point the info that @andypiper provided to you. The most logical way to manage this is use a single Twitter App with the feature to manage multiple accounts, where you can use different apps

In our case, we do it in this way.

If you don’t do this, you will need to follow the three steps (developer, basic, standard) with all the apps you register. With all the processes inside.




Dully understood, so basically, i need to wait for the regular procedure and approval, right?



Opening this thread did not solve the issue - approvals are sometimes processed in batches based on availability of reviewers and administrators and you were obviously waiting for that process to go through.

I think having a single app servicing multiple accounts would be a far better option, as there will be many more approvals to go through if you create lots of apps.

Otherwise, yes, please be patient. As we mentioned, we cannot do anything relating to whitelisting or expediting app approvals here, all we can do is to provide technical support for the API and SDKs.

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