Whitelist domain on TweetDeck



I have working cards (photo mainly) but they only show up on Twitter web but not on my Tweetdeck timeline.

I think TweetDeck requires a whitelist to display cards correctly, the same that translates cards to images (as said here: Twitter card shows up on the single tweet but not on the timeline), but I’d like to know if it was possible to have the same feature for all cards.

For information, my domain is j.ungeek.fr, and an example image (not showing in TweetDeck) can be found here https://twitter.com/PunKeel/status/584390537777655808

Another domain not working with TweetDeck is imgur.com, so I think only Twitter products are working on TweetDeck.

In a nutshell, how can my images be displayed in my TweetDeck’s timeline ?



As far as I know this is a known limitation and there is no way to circumvent that. The official Twitter clients will only show the card content after clicking on the Tweet. Only special advertisement cards are an exception to this rule.


Twitter Cards work on the Twitter website, and on the official iOS and Android apps. They are not available to other clients.

Images attached to Tweets directly (animated GIFs or up to four other static image media attachments) will be visible in the TweetDeck timeline. Cards attached to URLs will not.