Whitelist approval: "whitelist request failed"


We’re getting a generic error when trying to whitelist our site - https://dosocial.com

“whitelist request failed”

There’s no additional information.

Here’s some useful screenshots:
(since I’m a new user I can’t insert the images or add attachments, so you’ll have to copy-paste the URLs)

Any help would be appreciated :slight_smile:

What does "whitelist request failed" mean?

Hi! I have the same problem…


same problem.
Can’t solve it.
The feedback is always whitelist request failed. > is not a valid screenName.
Any suggeristion?
Have a nice day.


FYI, we waited a day or so and somehow our failed request must have worked because we were approved.


I am also troubled by the same problem . I’ll try to wait a little more .


I am simply seeing this:

whitelist request for failed

Anybody else seeing this?


Whitelisting is no longer necessary for standard (non-Player) cards.

If you see issues with your cards, please open a new thread.