Whitelist approval request. The url you provided to use the sumary_large_image card is inaccessible


I’ve submitted a whiltelist request a handful of times now. So far i have gotten this response: The URL you provided for generationtux.com to use the sumary_large_image card is inaccessible. Please check to make sure the page is available, then reapply for a Twitter card.

My whiltelist request has been denied a few times at this point for the same reason. When i hit the url though in the validator it says it can find X number of tags and the twitter:card tag. If the url was inaccessible how would the validator be able to find the tags?

I have visited the URL directly in chrome and there is a redirect on that page. Could this be part of the problem?

Any assistance at this point on getting this domain whiltelisted would be much appreciated.


Is this a player card? There has been no reason to manually request card whitelisting for anything other than player cards for many months.

Can you share an example URL?


It is a summary_large_image card. Here’s an example of what the url would look like. https://generationtux.com/share/8?ref_source=styleanddelight&ref_det1=FOOCORP


Looks like this might be failing because you’ve got a typo?

sumary_large_image -> summary_large_image


Thanks man. I appreciate the help.