Whitelist approval: request rejected


Hi. I’m trying to validate my Twitter Card, but my request was rejected.

I made a test page with Twitter Card Tags at this url: is http://www.ovo.com/test-widget/in-text/test.html

After the “Validate” procedure, I received the Warning “*.ovo.com Not whitelisted”. I made the Whitelist request, but it was rejected.

Can you tell me why it was rejected?


It looks like this is a player card, and you will probably have had an email explaining why your card failed validation and whitelisting. You can also take a detailed look at our Cards troubleshooting guide, and how to test your Player card.

Once it works correctly on the web, iOS and Android, go ahead and resubmit for whitelisting.


@andypiper is the explanation email standard operating? I failed on a white list too, but did not receive any guidance. Not trying to hijack the thread, and I can create a new one if that is the right way to approach it. thanks, and if out of place I apologize, Matt


I don’t work in the team that does that validation testing so I cannot be sure, but I think you would see an email if there’s a specific problem (for player cards). I might not be right about that, we obviously do have a lot of requests to test cards every day as I’m sure you understand.

Otherwise the best thing to do would be to ensure that you’ve followed the details in the testing page I linked to. If the testing works for you but you still fail to get validated, then it is likely that something environmental is preventing us from testing your player (for example, IP block, robots.txt not set up correctly, or a geo restriction on the video we’re trying to test for you).


Had the same problem.

I had robots.txt that would not allow crawling by search engines. Once I removed that the whitelist approval process started.