Which rule did my twitter bot break?



I developed a twitter bot: @postpiratebot . What it does is:

  1. Take the note of the top-trending search term on twitter
  2. Search for tweets containing the top-trending search term
  3. Take the first tweet from the list of tweets, and re-posts it on my page every 15 minutes

What I’ve done to ensure it doesn’t break the rules is:
Remove all references to other twitter users (@'s) including the author
Remove all hash-tags (#'s)

So the bot is now completely harmless, and doesn’t affect any other users.
But my account keeps getting locked because it violates some rule. Which rule is that?


I’d assume this one: https://support.twitter.com/articles/76915

Search “Trending”

Spamming: You may not send automated Tweets or Direct Messages that are spam, or otherwise engage in spamming activity. Some examples of spammy behavior to avoid with automation include:

Trending topics: You may not automatically post about trending topics on Twitter.