Which key field is which on the applications page during "Creating a signature"?


Hi everybody,

I’m trying to create a signature following this guide: https://dev.twitter.com/docs/auth/creating-signature.

I think I got all the bits and pieces together except for the correct keys to use, since I wasn’t able to clearly identify them.

First key required is: oauth_consumer_key (in example page: “xvz1evFS4wEEPTGEFPHBog”)
I found this description on https://dev.twitter.com/docs/auth/authorizing-request: The oauth_consumer_key identifies which application is making the request. Obtain this value from checking the settings page for your application on dev.twitter.com/apps.
-> Is oauth_consumer_key = “API key” in the “Application settings” section in my app?

Second key required is: oauth_token (in example page: “370773112-GmHxMAgYyLbNEtIKZeRNFsMKPR9EyMZeS9weJAEb”)
I think this one is fairly easy to find according to the description on “Authorizing Request”:
-> Is oauth_token = “Access token” under “Your access token” on the app page.

Third key required is “Consumer secret” (in example page: “kAcSOqF21Fu85e7zjz7ZN2U4ZRhfV3WpwPAoE3Z7kBw”)
-> Is “Consumer secret” = “API secret” in the “Application settings” section in my app?

Fourth key required is “OAuth token secret” (in example page: “LswwdoUaIvS8ltyTt5jkRh4J50vUPVVHtR2YPi5kE”)
-> Is “OAuth token secret” = “Access token secret” under “Your access token” on the app page?


Yes, Dominic, you’re using the right tokens for each variable. However I recommend you to use a library to generate signatures, then you can save time to focus on API usage.

Please, take a look into https://dev.twitter.com/docs/twitter-libraries


thank you!
how could I miss that libraries exist… D’Oh!