Which endpoints should I use to research Tweets and their properties?



I am a student and I need to create an App, in html/php, for a school project.I need to create an App that when you give a username it returns some informations, for example what kind of post(image, link…), how old is a post etc etc. I have all the necessary for programming with the API of Twitter but I don’t know how to have this informations. I can have them only with my account, but this is not I want. Can somebody help me? I didn’t find something similar, If it exists, please redirect me to it.
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Unless you are using one of the general tweet endpoints like search/filter you can only access your own information with your token.


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Is there any chance to do it?


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Hello @nicola_romano2. Thanks for visiting the forums! :slight_smile:

We have a bunch of APIs you can use to do this, but before you dive in you’ll need an approved developer account. If you don’t have one, you can apply for one here.

Could you please clarify more about your use-case? From your post, it sounds like you are wanting to find data about other Twitter accounts - is that right?



Yep, I have an approved developer account. Yes, I want find and elaborate data about other Twitter accounts. My professor want this :
The goal is an application that has an account list.
The metrics identify both the post’s properties, classifying it on the basis of the type of content (text, link, image, video), and the feedback obtained from the post (retweet, like, reply).
For example: average of the time intervals between the posted tweets, average of the retweets between the posted tweets, average of the mentions among the posted tweets. Metrics are generated by diagrams or infographics.
You can add other metrics of course.

I’m Italian, so maybe my English isn’t the best one
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Hello @nicola_romano2,

You will need to parse the user object from our Tweet payloads to help build out a list of accounts that are associated with a set of Tweets.

We have a set of operators that you can use to filter search results to just those that have links, images, etc. You can learn more about this on our search operators docs page. These operators can be used with the premium (sandbox & paid) and enterprise version of the Search Tweets API.

You should then familiarize yourself with our Tweet JSON to know how to identify whether a Tweet contains one of the properties that you are looking for.

You can find the following metrics at the end of the Search Tweets API payload:

      "quote_count": w,
      "reply_count": x,
      "retweet_count": y,
      "favorite_count": z,

These metrics are current as-of the time of your request.

If you need these metrics in real-time, I suggest that you look into the Account Activity API, but do keep in mind that you will only be able to access account activities from those accounts that have authorized your account to make requests on behalf of them. You can read more about this in this post.


Ok, thank you very much! I think I understand and I’ll try it ASAP. Thank you


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